battlefield: art show for planned parenthood

Photo by Geoffrey Nurse

Photo by Geoffrey Nurse

I produced the “Battlefield” exhibit, presented by Femininjas, Brooklyn-based artists Shana Siegel and Megan Watters, in collaboration with a small street team of women who have come together to use art to help one another stand strong, get their voices heard, and fight for their rights. The event raised over $4k for the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Battlefield featured affordable artwork priced between $25 and $200 by female artists from Brooklyn, which was sold to raise money for the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. We partnered with Planned Parenthood and a member of their staff was on hand to process all transactions. During the event an Art Battle provided entertainment. We partnered with International Art Battle to present this exciting display. 

Battlefield was made possible by numerous sponsors who provided alcohol and art supplies at little or no cost. Their support kept the overhead costs close to zero, increasing the total amount raised for the organization. 

The event took place in the beautiful Forgotten Works Studio. Battlefield was promoted through social media and featured in several weekly newsletters, including The Skint and Gemini & Scorpio. Many attendees took pictures in the photobooth, which featured pink 'weapons' and other props, as well as a very pink chair.