Real/Fake Science: An Interactive Experiment Salon

Host for the night, Shyaporn Theerakulstit

Host for the night, Shyaporn Theerakulstit

I produced this event for Atlas Obscura from conception through execution. My idea was a play on the idea of 'alternate facts.' There were six presentations, some real and some fake, some presented by real scientists and others by laymen, and the audience had to guess which was which. I recruited scientists to present and to create presentations for non-scientists to present. I also wrote one (fake) presentation myself, which involved an arduous week of teaching myself genetics. The game was even more challenging than I had expected, with only one audience member out of 65, guessing everything correctly. 

The real science included a talk on STEM programs, a discussion of recent research on the effects of testosterone levels on bonobos sexual behavior, an overview of research on the connections between trauma in childhood and criminal behavior and finally a lecture of the spread of cholera in Haiti. Fake science included false signs of alien communication and genetically engineered cockroaches.

This event was sponsored by Curious Elixirs, an exciting new non-alcoholic craft cocktail. Tickets included samples.

Real/Fake Science sold out in advance and many audience members were anxious to attend a second installment. I am currently in discussions with Atlas Obscura to determine the best way to repeat this event.