GS2018 Conference

I was brought on as a producer during the final stages of planning for Guerilla Science's GS2018 Conference. The conference brought together experts from the worlds of science, experience design and art to examine new ways of communicating, working and inspiring others. In my role as producer I handled many logistical details, from coordinating with caterers, to communicating with the staff at Pratt University, where the conference was held, to overseeing setup and breakdown at the venue. I handled a multitude of details, such as obtaining items for gift bags and coordinating check-in, as well as handling larger creative issues.

All photos property of Guerilla Science.

All photos property of Guerilla Science.


Presenters included: William Etundi, Jr. Bonnie Siegler, Katheryn Thayer, Marissa Nielsen-Pincus, Stephen Duncombe, Steve Lambert and Julio Terra.

Topics and Themes included: Creating a Culture of Celebration, Design Thinking, Introduction to Immersive Theatre, Branding and Marketing Science, Art as Activism, Imagining Utopia, and Raising $$$ For Your Next Project. Plus meditation, games, art, networking and music!