ss+K Summer outing

Whether an event is meant to showcase a company’s work for clients, or celebrate success and build unity, the details are the fundamental building blocks that make it special. In my work planning corporate events I focus on bringing my client’s vision to life. Corporate should never mean humdrum or bland. The details of an event shape conversations and build connections. My role as a corporate event planner is to bring creativity and out-of-the-box thinking into the boardroom.
— Michelle Bruenn

I recently planned a summer party for the advertising firm SS&K. My clients wanted a New York Harbor cruise that was a bit out of the ordinary. To create the experience they were looking for I brought in a maritime historian to design the route and provide historical information along the way. I also dealt with the logistical details, making sure the cruise was both luxurious and unique. I researched available charters, discussed the catering options and negotiated with the yacht company to bring the price within their budget. I enjoyed dealing with the many logistical and creative elements of this event and others that I have planned.


For this event I worked with Yachts For All Seasons, one of the premier yacht charter companies in New York City. I offered my clients several yacht options and they were immediately taken with the Cloud 9 IV. Once the yacht was selected I acted as a liaison between the yacht owners and my clients to negotiate the cost, decide on catering options and make sure all technical and aesthetic needs were met.

The most challenging aspect of this event was finding the perfect guide who could create a route that would take us off the beaten path and introduce the group to some of the secrets of New York harbor. Mitch Waxman is an expert on maritime history and he was able to give us a wealth of information as we explored the Staten Island shoreline. We heard details about the industrialization of the area and the return to nature of some post-industrial spaces. Mitch pointed out the place where uranium was dumped after completion of the Manhattan Project. We saw giant container ships up close and saw the ruins of a coaling station on Shooter's Island. It was quite an adventure. My clients were thrilled with the experience and I'm looking forward to planning similar events in the future.